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Apostle Collette Lewis Gunby

Some are called to lead; some to teach, some to exhort, still others to prophesy. Apostle Collette L. Gunby’s call came to no longer assist her husband in ministering, but to carry on his work after his death. Out of adversity has emerged a truly powerful and dynamic ministry. The ministry of Green Pastures Christian Ministries, Inc. is a testament to the character of a woman whose faithin God never wavered, even in the midst of her life’s most tumultuous storm. Using her God given talents, Pastor Collette L. Gunby, has crafted a ministry that is non-traditional by most Christian standards. Straight talking and practical she is nonetheless devoted to fulfilling the Lord’s purpose for her life. She has built an Apostolic ministry in which she takes full responsibility for the souls of the flock of her followers. Green Pastures Christian Ministries, Inc. has acquired more than 100 acres of property an Elementary and High School Campus, 107 multifamily housing units for the elderly, and a subdivision of 58 homes, the first of its kind in DeKalb County and most recently bought prime in-town real estate in the historic West End district of Atlanta.

An accomplished leader in the community, Pastor Collette L. Gunby has spoken for the National HUD Conference in 1999 and a meeting with President Bill Clinton at the White House in 2000. She attended a charitable choice briefing with Vice President Richard Cheney at the White House in 2001, to foster Faith Base Initiatives. Most recently she was honored to give a tribute at The King Center’s 2009 Annual Commemorative Service. Her continuing credits and professional accomplishments include the development of social and supportive services that serve the greater metropolitan area and a comprehensive youth services program. Doctor Gunby, a noted speaker and author has published three books: “The Plumbline”, “Through Shadows of Death” and “Courageous Women – Chosen to Lead”. Pastor Gunby also co-authored “Failure the Womb to Success”. She presently serves on The Board of Trustees of Beulah Heights University, the South DeKalb Church Coalition and various other boards and committees in thecommunity. With all the numerous accomplishments and honors, Apostle Collette L. Gunby, considers herself, first and foremost a mother of her two children, motivated by her love for family. She is a woman truly on a mission, who walks by faith. She loves and cares for Women in Leadership, Widows, Pastors, and has a passion to win and save those who are lost for Jesus Christ.


Pastor, Douglas Gunby

Surrounded by ministry since he was a small child, husband, father and Pastor, Douglas Gunby has been blessed with wisdom beyond his years. "There had to be something different," Doug remembers. He recently put the finishing touches on his soul-stirring book, SYSTEM FAILURE: Remedy for a Broken System. "I realize that the best way to affect change in the home is to empower men to M.A.N. – U.P. (Manage Any New, Uncomfortable Position)." By the time Doug began writing this life changing manuscript, his passion had driven him for almost 15 years to reach out to men, women and children long before he knew that this was a part of his destiny. "I was fully engulfed in youth ministry by the time I turned 18. No one told me that I wasn’t supposed to do it, I just saw the need to reach youth like I wished someone had reached out to me” he recalls. He now reaches out to individuals, both young & young at heart in schools, churches, and corporations. This young man is blazing a trail for others to follow. He is “The Voice of the Next Generation.”

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